Mustang Maddy
Case Study: Django the Mustang Re-Start
Django the Mustang Restart

Meet Django, a formerly wild mustang with extreme anxiety, bolting, and bucking. His owner brought him to Mustang Maddy for a SECOND CHANCE at learning to live in the human world. 

Watch Mustang Maddy in these LIVE and UNEDITED videos help Django overcome his anxiety and behavior problems using her own Liberty Start method, a method that has gained international recognition. 

In the process, learn valuable tools for earning trust and respect with your horse in the Liberty Method, plus solve common challenges with horses with anxiety and aggression.

What's Inside the Django Case Study?
Make the connection at liberty
Body control at liberty
Desensitizing & building trust at liberty
Using a "teacher horse"
How to prevent bolting and bucking from the start
First rides with no saddle or bridle!
Transitioning into the use of tack

Over 25 hours and 39 videos of LIVE and UNEDITED footage of Maddy training Django to a Facebook Live audience. 

Learn how to deal with the unexpected and manage your horse's prey instincts.

Watch Django's complete transformation as he gains confidence and understanding under Maddy's leadership. 

Watch Maddy utilize her unique Liberty Method to allow Django to maintain his free will while building trust and respect with him. 

Understand how to read the subtle signs your horse is showing a threshold in his training, and what to do about it

See the steps to intelligently and safely introduce tack and a rider to a formerly aggressive horse.
Here's what people are saying about the Django Case Study!
"As someone who has studied communication and psychology I enjoy how Maddy uses science and logic to explain why the techniques work and how the horses are learning them. It is a fun and informational experience all the way around. I would recommend this case study to anyone and everyone with any interest in horses.”
Emily F.
"This Django case study has been way more useful than any in person clinic or videos I have ever participated in. Madison is an AMAZING facilitator and explains things to where you can understand. She takes you every little step of the way explaining in depth her methods. I have personally taken so much away from this study. Not only by re-starting my green Mustang but also helping a friend out with his. I have had such great results using exercises and tips from this study"
Ally C.
"With every session being filmed live we were in the moment with her, through the breakthroughs, through the setbacks, through the bloopers, through it all. I have been a member to several other nationally recognized trainers and have never seen anything like this. Most training videos are pretty perfect, pretty much "set up", and go pretty much exactly as planned and it's hard for non-professionals to recreate those perfect training scenarios. Maddy allowed us on her journey with Django every step of the way, showing all the perfect things that happened but also the errors and imperfections as well. Highly recommend anyone who wants to see & learn what real time horse training is to not miss out on these!”
Rachel S.
This case study was worth every penny and more. I learned some very new and interesting techniques in how to help a very high anxiety filled horse. I learned some great new ways to begin liberty before ever haltering a horse!!! It was amazing how well everything worked, and you were extremely easy to follow and understand. One thing I loved about the in depth studies is that you spend over an hour on a specific session and I feel like I was in a classroom right there watching. I also really enjoyed the fact that I could watch certain sessions and then go out to the barn and apply what I just learned and then the next day we would progress from there.”
Dana K.
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